iSayHello Communicator Review

iSayHello Communicator is an app that handles translations in over 50 languages with a unique interface featuring a ‘different’ UI. The point of the app is to be able to easily send texts and emails to people around the world in different languages making you feel less ‘lost for words’ when traveling or making international deals. The app does quite a bit and it should for the price and the size of files it downloads down to your device. This is the review of the iSayHello Communicator app for iOS.


iSayHello Communicator has a ton of features that should justify the none you have to plunk down for the app. As I said before, there’s support for over 50 different languages. You can translate words, phrases, and basic sentences with this app. The basic translation features work exactly as expected. I tried it with English and French, and got satisfying results for translations to each other. The added bonus here from iSayHello is that t supports simultaneous voice translation in two different languages! This is really cool because it can, basically, let you have a conversation with a person that doesn’t know your language and you don’t know theirs. The app can act like a mediator or, well, translator. The voice recognition word with 29 different languages and dialects with more on the way. There are some cool sharing features thrown in as well. You can send your translated text in an email, SMS, or even Facebook and Twitter.

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Other than just translations, iSayHello Communicator can also be a great help when traveling to different countries. The app has a built-in travel dictionary that has important phrases that will work offline. The offline languages are English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Bavarian. Each of the phrases can be selected to play an audio file that is actually spoken by people of that native language. It’s very nice addition. You can mark these as favorites and just play the audio clipping rather than try to pronounce the phrases yourself. This adds a lot of flexibility to the app. The phrases are sorted into some convenient categories that should work for everyone, like:

iSayHello Communicator doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill translation app. There’s a lot of function packed into the simple and relatively easy to UI. When you open up the app, you are presented with the ‘start screen which has the iSayHello logo; two buttons, the travel dictionary and communicator; some tabs at the bottom with Home, Settings, News and Communication Pro (Credits). The travel dictionary lays out everything in list views with appropriate pictures of the countries’ flags. The communicator on the other hand look very different from the usual text input boxes seen in translation apps. When you load it up, there are these blue monster-like things that are supposed to represent the two languages being translated. Each ‘blue thing’ has a little thumbnail flag on it to show the language it’s using When you translate you can hear the little blue things speaking the translation you requested. It all comes together nicely. At times, it felt too crowded in the travel dictionary section making reading things a bit confusing.


This app does everything a translation app should do and more.I liked the incorporation of the audio speech files here and there, it made the experience more natural. The UI is cluttered at times. The app works very smoothly and there was no instance of it crashing or freezing. The app wired fast and fluidly. This app is great for people who travel a lot and do a lot of business internationally. The asking price is $5.99, which is a bit steep for the mainstream users who would be better off with Google Translate, but if you sound like one of the people I mentioned before then you owe it to yourself to check out this app.