iPhone 5S rumors. And an all new iPhone 5C

the countdown’s begun for September 10th. For those of you didn’t comprehend the significance of that day, it is one of the most awaited days of the year, where Apple announces the next iteration of the iPhone. But this time, it will be “iPhones”, not just one.

The press invites have already been given out and the event will take place at 10 AM Pacific Standard Time ( 5 PM GMT ) at Apple’s “tree” in Cupertino, California. It sent out invites with the phrase ‘ This should brighten everyone’s day’. Apple this time, is doing something unique. It’s announcing 2 new iPhones: the 5S and the 5C. These are all rumors and leaks,so I am not responsible for any adrenalin induced frenzies initiated by this. We can only wait till the 10th to find out the legitimacy of these rumors on the street.

So, moving on, the 5S is an expected model from Apple’s tradition. Launching a new phone every two years ( 3G, 4, 5) and using the same design but upgraded specs’ model, a year later after that (3GS, 4S). It will most likely have the same unibody design as that of the 5, but most likely with an A7 chipset (The iPhone 4 had an A4, 4S had the A5, and the 5 had an A6 chipset ), implying faster processing and better graphics. There’s also been a rumor that the A7 chip will be a 64-bit processor making it up to 31% faster than the current A6. This means better performance with iOS 7′s new animations.

About the display of the supposed 5S, it is said to have a Retina Plus IGZO display from Sharp, to be able to compete with the 1080p Full HD displays on the latest Androids . Rumors from way back in May hint that the Retina Display’s pixel density may be doubled. IGZO screen will increase the brightness and/or reduced power consumption. But it’s highly unlikely that the screen size may be bumped up from 4 inches of the iPhone 5 to something higher, unlike smartphones these days. The China Times says a ‘Touch On Display’ panel is being developed by Taiwanese supplier Innolux with 10 point multi-touch and a 0.5mm thickness, thus possibly reducing the thickness of the 5S to a much sleeker and appealing smartphone.

It may come in additional Champagne (Golden Yellow) and Graphite (Slate Gray) colors, as this photo suggests. The Graphite chassis for the 5S may not be so bad after all, given that scratches will less conspicuous on the Graphite back.

It’s reported that the camera may be upgraded to a 12 or 13 megapixel one, with a dual-LED flash. This dual-LED flash that Apple plans to include is rumored to be different from your run of the mill dual flash which just fires both LEDs to create more light. This rumored system will contain two different LEDs, one for close range and the other for long range photography. This should significantly improve low-light photography, making that flash something you can actually rely on.

One thing that is certain about the iPhone 5S is that it will come with the latest version of iOS, dubbed iOS 7 announced in June at WWDC 13. We might even see some iPhone 5S-centric features of iOS 7, so as to further distinguish itself from it’s predecessors, also tempting others to upgrade from an earlier version to the 5S. iOS 7 is expected to be designed for 5S, Apple’s annual tradition tells us. So, it will run smoothly on the 5S. Of course, the 4, 4S and the 5 will be upgradeable as well to iOS 7, but may be missing out on certain features.

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One the biggest rumored features that has been spoken is the fingerprint scanner that shall hide underneath the home button. Since the past few months, the word’s been that Apple may introduce this exclusive feature on the 5S. We can only guess that its true purpose, if it really is added to the 5S, is to offer features like faster unlocking of the smartphone, or substituting the need for a password in certain apps, or while making payments. The fingerprint reader is an interesting rumor that hasn’t gone away since Apple acquired Authentec, which has lots of fingerprint scanning-related Intellectual Property (IP). It’s rumored that the home button of the 5S will be covered with sapphire glass, which is the second hardest natural substance after diamond, and 3 times more resilient than Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

But enough of the 5S now. Let’s talk about the new kid on the block, the iPhone 5C. Apple will, for the first time, be announcing two new iPhones in the same year. Pictures of the 5C have been leaked extensively on the Internet. There have been pictures of them in factories, packaging, actual chassis parts and even hands on footage of these parts!

The 5C is reported to have a plastic body and will be launched in several colors – White, Black, Blue, Yellow and Pink. That must be what the “C” in the 5C stands for – Color. As shown in the picture, the wallpaper is the same color as that of the body, similar to the iPod Nano. This could be what all the colorful dots mean, printed on the press invites sent by Apple.

The 5C is expected to be cheaper than the 5S, specifically targeting emerging markets and attempting to fit into the price range of lower end smartphones that competitors, like Samsung, have been making a killing off of. It really provides the option of the people who plan to upgrade to an iPhone but are strapped for cash. I can see this being very popular among teens and their parents. It’s also reported that it won’t have all the features of the 5S, for obvious reasons, the rumored fingerprint sensor for example, and might have a lower spec camera, like a 5 or 8 megapixel adaptation. It will however, ship with iOS 7, so both customers, purchasing the 5S and the 5C should expect a smiler experience. Sales of the new iPhones are expected to begin around the September 20th, since Apple employees have been blocked from taking a day off on any day between September 15th and the 28th, as a measure for ensuring smooth sales at of its launch.

That’s all we can say for now. Four more days till all our doubts and questions are cleared.
Boy, these four days seem like a month away, don’t they ? Well, join the club.