The Proper Guide To Setup Kodi Media Player On All Devices

Hello everybody, We are here to bring you our latest tutorial! Today we’ll be covering something a bit different than normal. We figured since we do a lot of PC game reviews it might be worth covering some of the programs that we use as well. Today we’ll be covering my favorite media center program known as Kodi (Formerly known as Xbox Media Center) and the features you can mess with. The Kodi media center is chock full of features and we’ll cover many of them in this tutorial and teach you how to use it (It’s pretty simple once you know how).

Downloading and Installing:

Firstly, you’ll need to download the program for your platform. The program is open-source and multiplatform so you can install it on various systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi and a few other devices too. The latest version of the program is 15.0 as of writing this tutorial which was a bug fix and improvement update. Version 16.0 will add DirectX 11 support. You can download the latest stable build or development builds here: . Once you’ve downloaded the program, it’ll be time to install it. This is done like any other program, simply click next, choose the installation folder and install, quick and simple.

Videos, Movies, Music, Pictures, and Skins:

Kodi is compatible with a huge range of file formats ranging from video files, DVD’s, Blu-Ray discs, music files, CD’s, pictures and can even stream live TV using a TV tuner. The first section we’ll talk about is videos and movies since they’re tied to the same thing. Once you click on the videos tab you’ll be taken to a list where you can view your videos by category. Categories include movies, tv shows, in progress tv shows, recently added movies, recently added movies, recently added episodes, files, playlists, and video add-ons. In the files section, you’ll be able to add folders where your video files are located by clicking the add videos button. The video add-ons section allows you to choose various add-ons that allow you to stream videos from various services like Crunchyroll or Funimation (With many others to choose from). The music section where you can add your music folders to the program for listening. The music section also houses music add-ons which allow you to use music streaming services like Pandora or ShoutCast to name a couple. Finally, the pictures section isn’t one that I really use but you can add all of your pictures to the program as well as find picture add-ons.

Many of the Kodi users may not know that they can actually change or edit the default look of Kodi. Kodi offers you with numerous options when it comes to Kodi skins. And selecting the best one form it is completely your choice. Here are some of the awesome skins for Kodi.


Add-Ons are a pretty huge part of Kodi and they allow you to customize your experience with the program. There are a lot of different add-on categories to choose from including context items, GUI sounds, information providers, languages, lyrics, music add-ons, picture add-ons, program add-ons, screensavers, services, skins, subtitles, video add-ons, weather and web interface. The media player has it all.


The settings section allows you to customize the media player in various ways. In appearance, you can change the skin, font, and screensaver. In video settings, you can change the library, playback, acceleration, file lists, subtitles, discs and accessibility settings. In Live TV you can set up the media player to live stream TV using a TV tuner. Music allows you to change the library, playback, file lists, audio cd’s and karaoke settings. System settings allow you to change the inner workings of the media player including video output, audio output, input devices, internet access, and power saving.


That about covers the features in the media center folks and playing around with the settings to find your ideal setup is highly recommended because everyone has different needs. I mainly use mine to listen to music and watch anime but that might not be the case for someone else. Thankfully the media center is easily the most customizable one that I’ve found so far and I’ll be using it for a long time. I hope that anyone that tries out the program, they enjoy it as much as I do. Happy gaming folks!