How to install and configure VPN on android devices


Today VPN is the most popular connection that everyone wants to use as it provides great facilities like internet security, high-speed connection with the freedom to access any site irrespective of the user location or any geographical restriction. The ordinary networking technologies are completely unable to provide with the same. Since user privacy is the most vital factor, a VPN connection is much more preferred in this case. As said in the needforvpn blog, there are many reasons for using a VPN.

So, if you reside in the UK and is looking for a VPN connection, then there are many connections that provide VPN services in the UK.  Searching for a suitable VPN connection is not as easy as it may seem to you. It has both advantages and disadvantages. So, it is important that one should know how to choose a VPN service.

Choosing a VPN service:

  1. Always check for a VPN connection that provides streaming of audio and video.
  2. Check whether the VPN connection which you are choosing is offering an IP address which is meant for only anonymous browsing.
  3. Make sure that the IP address which they are providing is not going to get restricted by a service which you choose to access.
  4. Ask the VPN provider about the type of security that the VPN service is providing you.
  5. Are you aware of the technologies that your chosen VPN connection is equipped with? If you are not aware of, then you should know that a reliable VPN connection is equipped with data encryption with high security and privacy.
  6. Ask your provider about the speed of a VPN connection that they are providing you.
  7. Also, ask about whether your selected connection is provided with good technical support. Better tech support will provide you all day all week service so that whenever you face a problem with your connection, you can call them and have your issues get fixed.
  8. A better VPN service provider always gives a money back guarantee for a connection with a trial period.

Now, after these important points, let’s move on to the service providers who are providing with the best VPN services. UK citizens who are using their VPN services refer them as the popular service providers and highly encourage anyone to buy a VPN connection from them.

VPN providers:

There is a VPN provider in the UK known as ExpressVPN which is ranked as the number one among the other VPN providers. They provide a very easy to use software that sets a VPN connection very easily. In order to install their software, you don’t need to be computer savvy. They claim to have their software run on computers, smartphones and has a very user-friendly interface. Their technical support is excellent. There are also other UK VPN providers available. Then there is HidemyAss that helps the user with an awesome data encryption system to browse the internet anonymously. Then there is IPVanish whose service is also very good and has all the qualities of the good VPN connection.