Best Kodi Builds of the year 2014 (Updated list)

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi Build contains a group of add-ons which are already installed and also having the variety of Kodi Skins. Kodi Build will saves your time to install your favorite add-ons on Kodi. There are lots of builds available for kodi. Here we had selected the top build for you.

Now let us see the best Kodi builds and its features.

  1. Bucky
  2. Spinz TV Reborn
  3. Diggz Mega All in One
  4. Leviathan
  5. Nova


Bucky is one of the great and best Kodi build. Bucky Build is purely a hardware-independent. Because it works very well in all types of hardware. It also having a huge database. If we get inside into this build, we can see a lot of working brand new Kodi add-ons such as Rebirth, Neptune Rising, Cerebro IPTV, Monster Munch, Star Tec, Maverick TV, The Pyramid, UK Turk, SubZero, The March Hare, Boondock, Eyasses, Enzo, Wumpa Fruit, Mr Robot, Planet IPTV, and lots more. The Xonfluence Skin can be used in this build.

 Spinz TV Reborn

Spinz TV Reborn is one of the best and remarkable Kodi Build. It includes a lot of updated add-ons and all are working very well without any issues. If we enter into Spinz TV Reborn build, we will see the updated add-ons like Covenant, Elysium, Flixnet, Goodfellas, M4U, ToonMania, UK Turk Playlists, Specto Fork, The Pyramid, You Music, and much more. Movies, TV Shows, Sports are some of the sections present in this build.

Diggz Mega All in One

The Eminence Build, Xenon Clean Build, Diggz Kid, and X1 Build are combined together to create a new build called Diggz Mega All in One. It is one of the most popular and the great Kodi build. As the name suggests, really it is mega kodi build comes with multiple Kodi builds. It has a lot of top working and most popular add-ons and also includes sections for Movies, TV Show Library, All TV Shows, Gears TV and much more.


Leviathan is one of the best Kodi build which was developed by Cosmic Saints. Cosmic Saints is a third party Kodi add-ons and also a Builds developer. The developer has done a great job for developing this build with a lot of top working and most popular add-ons and also having several sections. The Live Hub, Stream Hub, Picasso, Falcon, Ares Football, Boxsets King, Sports Devil are some of the top most popular add-ons present in this build. Movies, Sports, Favourites, Live TV, System, and Kids are the sections included in this build.


Nova is one of the nice Kodi build from Simple Build Wizard. The layout looks like very simple and attractive. The Xonfluence Skin can be used in this build. It includes a lot of popular and brand new working Kodi add-ons like Covenant, Death Streams, Project M, Pulse Workout, Kids Tube, Maverick TV, Placenta, Movie Mania, Globe TV, Now Music, Electra Vault, Oculus, and lots more. The sections which are available in this build as Fitness, TV Shows, All Apps, Live TV, Music, Sports etc.



In this article, we can see the top best Kodi builds available on Kodi. All the add-ons and sections present in this build are working very well. You have to install and use this build. If you have any queries regarding these builds, kindly do let us know via comments.

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