Go: Googles First Programming Language


Google has been known to innovate many industries over the years and most of their work is very well known wether it’s their Nexus line of phones, Google Glass, and obviously the search engine. However some of their innovations go unknown. Languages can take several years to become accepted in the community and Google Go was introduced roughly 4 years ago just now has the programming community began to see the advantages and potential of Go. This is not an abnormality for the lifespan of a programming language. Languages can take several years to become accepted in the community and Google is not differentiated from that rule.

Details & Specifications:

Go is a back end programming language. Which means that it deals with accessing resources and supporting front end services which are aesthetic. The advantages of Google Go lie in the fact that it is a back end language. It can concurrently compute and execute multiple programs at once which is an improvement over other programming languages such as Java. While this may not seem like an advantage to a hobbyist, front end designer, or web developer. However to back end programmers to whom efficiency is a large concern, Googles programming language is very welcomed.

Current Events:

Google recently revealed version 1.1 of Go. The main goal of this update was a large speed boost to a language which is already being called fast by many programmers. Googles commitment to this language is understandable because they use it for all of their tasks as well as letting us the general public have access to it. This is benefiting to programmers outside of Google because every time Google improves the language for their purposes, outside programmers get improvements too. That type of commitment is very encouraging to large companies who require software development. The results are that this language is now being used by BBC, CloudFlare, Mozilla, and Tumblr.

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The Future:

A mark of Googles hard work would have to be Go becoming Github’s 24th most popular language. Go’s success seems to sit well with Google and they have set their sights on dethroning Javascript a front end programming language used in web development. Go itself is being compared with C conceptually and performance wise. Bruce Eckel said the following: The complexity of C++ (even more complexity has been added in the new C++), and the resulting impact on productivity, is no longer justified. All the hoops that the C++ programmer had to jump through in order to use a C-compatible language make no sense anymore — they’re just a waste of time and effort. Now, Go makes much more sense for the class of problems that C++ was originally intended to solve.


Googles presence in the programming community is just beginning. Googles flagship language, Go will be updated feverishly and Gizmocube will cover the language as it goes through the motions. As for Googles future aspirations they have very ambitious goals that will be very interesting to watch as they play out.