How to fix Kodi error (2 new methods)

Most of the kodi users watch movies and TV shows on kodi by using the different famous and popular movies addons. In that, one of the most popular addon is Exodus, whenever you want to see a movie or TV show and then you have to select thevideo or vidup pair to get a notification about the stream authorization. In the below section, we provide the methods to solve pair stream authorization error. You can also use the same method to fix olpair kodi error. (more…)

How to install Kodi Builds

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming application software which can be used for streaming the media contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and much more. It can also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. It can also contains addons, repositories, skins, and builds.There are so many kodi repositories are available on Kodi. Some of the top kodi repositories are superrepo, kodil repo, iluminati repo, etc. Installing Kodi repository could save your time rather than installing individual addons on Kodi. Because, the Kodi repositories can have a lot of popular addons within it. By this way, Installing Kodi build can also a simple way to access a huge number of addons and its contents. Kodi builds are always an one click installation setup which offers a huge collection of working addons, skins, themes along with a lot of additional functionality. Instead of searching for working addons, you can try the best  kodi build to install. Installing a kodi build will save your time. Simply, we can say, if Kodi is a wall, build is a decor to make it looks great. Remember that the build doesn’t modify the basic functions of Kodi. After installing the new Kodi build, you can also add your favorite addon to make the build looks even better. Now, let us see the step by step process for how to install a Kodi build.

How to install Kodi Build?

  1. First of all, you have to open Kodi on your device.
  2. From the Kodi Homepage, click on the gear icon.
  3. Now you have to select the File Manager from the System setting menu.
  4. Now double-click on the Add source option.
  5. Now the Add file source dialog box is displayed on the screen. In that, you have to select the <None>.
  6. Here you need to enter the path of the required repository URL. Make sure that the path which you have entered is correct and then click on OK.
  7. Now you have to enter a name which you want for the media source and then click on OK.
  8. After completing the above process, You have to navigate to the Kodi Homepage and select the addons.
  9. Now you can tap the Package Installer icon which is present at the top left corner.
  10. Now you have to select the install from Zip file.
  11. Here you need to select the source which you have already entered in step 7.
  12. Now select the repository zip file and then wait for few seconds till the repository completes the installation process.
  13. After successful installation, it will be indicated through the pop-ups on the top-right screen.
  14. Now you have to select install from repository.
  15. Here you need to select the required repository.
  16. Now, you need a wizard to install the build with a single click. Now, you have to select the Program addons.
  17. Now you have to select the required wizard.
  18. After select the wizard, you can click on the install option and wait for few seconds while the wizard completes its installation process.
  19. After receiving the addons installed pop-up, you have to select the wizard.
  20. Now, you can click on open to run the wizard.
  21. Now you have to select the required build to install.
  22. Now you can wait for some time while the build is being downloaded and installed.
  23. After completing the above process, you will be asked to force restarts your Kodi. You can unplug your device after selecting OK.
  24. Now you can Plug and open your Kodi. The Kodi will be appeared with the newly installed build.



Plex- New rival to kodi | How to Install Plex on Roku

What is Plex?

The Plex is a great Kodi addon comes with a lot of contents for movies, TV Shows, and much more. The contents which are present in the Plex addon is really very pretty and all are working very well without any issues. There are so many categories are available in the plex Kodi addon that includes Movies, TV Shows, Music, and much more. Now let us see the step by step process for how to install the Plex Kodi addon on Roku by using Kodi. (more…)

Best Kodi Builds of the year 2014 (Updated list)

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi Build contains a group of add-ons which are already installed and also having the variety of Kodi Skins. Kodi Build will saves your time to install your favorite add-ons on Kodi. There are lots of builds available for kodi. Here we had selected the top build for you. (more…)

iPhone 5S rumors. And an all new iPhone 5C

the countdown’s begun for September 10th. For those of you didn’t comprehend the significance of that day, it is one of the most awaited days of the year, where Apple announces the next iteration of the iPhone. But this time, it will be “iPhones”, not just one. (more…)

iSayHello Communicator Review

iSayHello Communicator is an app that handles translations in over 50 languages with a unique interface featuring a ‘different’ UI. The point of the app is to be able to easily send texts and emails to people around the world in different languages making you feel less ‘lost for words’ when traveling or making international deals. The app does quite a bit and it should for the price and the size of files it downloads down to your device. This is the review of the iSayHello Communicator app for iOS. (more…)

Go: Googles First Programming Language


Google has been known to innovate many industries over the years and most of their work is very well known wether it’s their Nexus line of phones, Google Glass, and obviously the search engine. However some of their innovations go unknown. Languages can take several years to become accepted in the community and Google Go was introduced roughly 4 years ago just now has the programming community began to see the advantages and potential of Go. This is not an abnormality for the lifespan of a programming language. Languages can take several years to become accepted in the community and Google is not differentiated from that rule. (more…)

Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 5 Review

iPod, a phone, and an internet mobile communicator. – those were the words used by Steve Jobs to describe the iPhone during it’s introduction six years ago. While the mobile landscape has changed exponentially since then, battery technology unfortunately has not – and while a five hour battery before would cut it – it definitely doesn’t now. For those who demand more power from their smartphones, Mophie has a wide array of battery solutions, and for iPhone 5 users the Mophie Juice Pack Air doesn’t disappoint. Read past the break for our review of this stylish iPhone battery case. (more…)

Google Glass: A New Dent In The Universe

The world of technology has drastically changed in the past couple of decades. There have been many radical changes. The personal computer, the smartphone, and more recently, the tablet. Many played a role in this change. A huge influence was, arguably, Steve Jobs who told his team many times that they would make a dent in the universe. It’s been a while since we’ve seen something ground breaking, like the touchscreen, but Google is here with a brilliant new way to interface with the tech in our lives. (more…)

Microsoft Surface Pro: The Verdict is Out

The Surface Pro has quietly entered the market and everyone’s reviewing it, so we decided to save you a lot of effort by reading every single review on the internet and rounding it all up into one jam packed piece of literature. Microsoft heavily publicized the Surface RT which was a big mistake, because the Surface RT was not a good product and without an advertising campaign to point out the differences between the Pro and the RT, no normal consumer can tell the difference. Contrary to what it may look like there is a big difference between the two, especially in price, starting at $900 this is $400 more than the RT and only gets more expensive as you increase the storage and buy the highly recommended keyboard covers. (more…)